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Small Party Extras and party games are good additions to any type of party or event. Including a party game or activity can liven up the event and provide fun and entertainment throughout the event duration. We have included many games and extra products that will compliment any type of event. Party Extras are suited for all ages from young kids to adults. Need suggestions or recommendations on what would work good for your event? Contact us for more help.

NOTE: A $25.00 delivery fee will be applied after checkout to party extras rentals unless rented with an Inflatable product.

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Pony Inflatables Small Party Parachute Rental Potato Sack Rental tug-of-war rope, 50' rope

Pony Inflatables

Includes 4 ponies and air pumpparty game rentals

Small Play Parachute

Size: 12'W x 12'L
party game rentals

Potato Sacks

Includes 12 sacksparty game rentals

 Tug-of-War Rope

 50' Ropeparty game rentals


Spin Art Machine      

Spin Art Machine

Includes 25 cards/framesparty game rentals




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