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Rentals Checklist

Please review our Rentals Checklist to make sure you have everything ready and prepared for your event date. We want everything to run smoothly during your event, therefore, we have prepared this checklist for you to make sure you know what will be required of you and the products you are renting from Magic Jump Rentals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Safety Rules

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Operation Instructions

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  1. Check Space Required (requirements found on product page)

  2. Check Electricity Required

    • If setup location is more than 25 feet away from the closest electrical outlet you must notify us so we can make sure the driver brings an extension cord for your order. Inflatables CANNOT be setup more than 100 feet away from the closes electrical outlet.

      All blowers require a 15 amp dedicated circuit. All inflatables require 1 blower/outlet except the following:

      2 outlets: Buccaneer Pirate Ship, Dual Hoop Zone, Human Fooseball Game, 25' Titanic Slide, 20' Triple Lane Slide, Super Helix, Giant Wave Slip n Slide, Fire Super Giant Wave, Volcano Lava, 40' Obstacle Course, 60' Castle Obstacle Course, 60' Tropical Course, 60' Sports Course, 45' Fun House Obstacle, Inflatable Maze, Inflatable Race Track, Jumbo Fun House, Mechanical Surfboard Ride, Mechanical Shark Ride, and Mechanical Bull.

      3 outlets: Extreme Rush Obstacle, Roller Racway, Zorb Ball Derby, Pony Derby, 85' Boot Camp Obstacle

      If there is no electrical outlet available, or within 100 feet, than a Generator is required.

  3. Check path to setup location, are there any steps/stairs?

    • Maximum 30 steps/stairs allowed for all Bounce Houses

    • Maximum 10 steps/stairs for larger inflatables

    • No steps/stairs allowed for: Mechanical Surfboard Ride, Mechanical Shark Ride, Mechanical Bull, Dunk Tank 350, Euro Bungee, Gyroscope, Rock Wall, Buccaneer Pirate Ship, Extreme Rush, Inflatable Maze, Inflatable Race Track, all 20' Slides, 25' Titanic Slide

  4. Will there be other items needed for setup?

    • Water Slides/Games: a regular garden hose is needed

    • Concession Machines: a table top

  5. Confirm at least 2-3 days before your event date by calling 714-465-5558. If you reach the office after business hours make sure to leave a voicemail stating you are confirming your order along with the rental date and name you used to reserve.


On Event Date

  1. Have the setup location cleared and ready

  2. Have path to the setup location cleared and ready

  3. Be prepared to provide electricity or show where they are located
  4. Have Fun!