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60' Sports Course

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Product Info

Size: 11'W x 60'L x 20'H
Space Required: 15'W x 64'L x 22'H

The ultimate sports themed obstacle course, this 60' long Sports Course incorporates all sports elements into one giant obstacle course. As you enter you will be greeted by 4 linebackers as obstacles that you will have to push through, then a pair of baseball gloves will try to catch you in your tracks, crawling through tunnels, then followed by a fleet of baseball bats as popups that you will have to manuver around. Lastly in this long obstacle course comes a 20' tall climb and 2 lane slide. See how much fun you can have competing in this unique sports obstacle course.

Pricing & Availability

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Rental Terms
Price shown is generally for an 8 hour rental period, please select delivery and pickup times accordingly. Select a delivery time at least 1 hour before your event start time. Next morning pickup, Overnight Option, is provided for an additional fee. Next morning pickups are generally done between 8am and 12pm. It is the customers responsibility to measure the setup location to make sure rented product will fit. Cancellations must be done within 72 hours before the rental date or else a cancellation fee up to the entire rental amount may apply. Exceptions are made for cancellations on Rainy or Inclement weather days, please check Rain Policy for more information. Maximum 10 Stairs allowed to the setup location, a setup fee of $25 will be applied.
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Additional Info Power Required:
Setup Surface:
Setup Time:
For Ages: # of Riders:
Total Capacity:
2 outlets with 15 AMP power each Grass, Concrete, Asphalt, Wood Deck, Indoor, Sand** About 30 minutes 12 year olds - adults Up to 4*
Riders take about 10 - 30 seconds to go through obstacle
About 800 pounds*

Terms & Agreements

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Concession Machines Package
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Tables and Chairs Package
Party Extras Package
*Depends on size of riders. (i.e. the younger/lighter the more riders at a time, the older/heavier the less riders at a time)
**There is a $50.00 cleaning fee for setup on sand.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the rental for? Rentals are generally for an 8 hour period, so please choose delivery and pick-up times accordingly.

Do you deliver and set up? Yes we do. Prices for inflatables include delivery to local addresses. Please check our Delivery Chart for more information.

Are the products cleaned? Yes, we clean every product after each use.

Do I need to place a deposit? Yes, we require a deposit to secure your rental.

What is your cancellation policy? You must cancel 3 days (72 hours) prior to your rental date to avoid any cancellation fees.

Is a generator included with an inflatable rental? No. Generators are rented separately. A blower is included to pump the inflatable, but if you will not have electrical power at the setup location (e.g. at parks) you will need to rent a generator.

Are you insured? Yes, we have full liability insurance.

Is it normal to tip the driver? Read this article "Should I tip the bounce house guy"

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